Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications

eBook - Proceedings of ENUMATH 2005 the 6th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, July 2005

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These proceedings collect lectures given at ENUMATH 2005, the 6th European Conference on Numerical Mathematics and Advanced Applications held in Santiago de Compostela, Spain in July, 2005. Topics include applications such as fluid dynamics, electromagnetism, structural mechanics, interface problems, waves, finance, heat transfer, unbounded domains, numerical linear algebra, convection-diffusion, as well as methodologies such as a posteriori error estimates, discontinuous Galerkin methods, multiscale methods, optimization, and more.


PLENARY LECTURES.- Compatible Discretizations in Two Dimensions.- Finite Element Approximation of the Three Field Formulation of the Elasticity Problem Using Stabilization.- Convergence of Adaptive Wavelet Methods for Goal-Oriented Error Estimation.- Quadratic Programming and Scalable Algorithms for Variational Inequalities.- Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Friedrichs Systems.- Highly Oscillatory Quadrature: The Story so Far.- The 3D Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Problem for a Coated Dielectric.- Functional Approach to Locally Based A Posteriori Error Estimates for Elliptic and Parabolic Problems.- Finite Element Approximation of 2D Parabolic Optimal Design Problems.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- 3D Free Surface Flows Simulations Using a Multilayer Saint-Venant Model. Comparisons with Navier-Stokes Solutions.- Some Well-Balanced Shallow Water-Sediment Transport Models.- Highly Accurate Conservative Finite Difference Schemes and Adaptive Mesh Refinement Techniques for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws.- Finite Volume Solvers for the Shallow Water Equations Using Matrix Radial Basis Function Reconstruction.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- On Numerical Schemes for a Hierarchy of Kinetic Equations.- Computational Aspects of the Mesh Adaptation for the Time Marching Procedure.- On the Use of Slope Limiters for the Design of Recovery Based Error Indicators.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- On a Superconvergence Result for Mixed Approximation of Eigenvalue Problems.- Comparative Study of the a Posteriori Error Estimators for the Stokes Problem.- Error Control for Discretizations of Electromagnetic-Mechanical Multifield Problem.- A Safeguarded Zienkiewicz-Zhu Estimator.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Some Remarks on a Model for the Atmospheric Pressure in Ocean Dynamics.- Computational Time Improvement for Some Shallow Water Finite Volume Models Applying Parallelization and Optimized Small Matrix Computations..- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Discretization Error Estimates for an Optimal Control Problem in a Nonconvex Domain.- A Posteriori Estimates for Cost Functionals of Optimal Control Problems.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Optimization of a Duality Method for the Compressible Reynolds Equation.- Time-Space& Space-Time Elements for Unsteady Advection-Dominated Problems.- On DiscontinuityCapturing Methods for ConvectionDiffusion Equations.- Algebraic Flux Correction for Finite Element Approximation of Transport Equations.- A Parallel Multiparametric Gauss-Seidel Method.- A Numerical Scheme for the Micro Scale Dissolution and Precipitation in Porous Media.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Discrete Kinetic Methods for a Degenerate Parabolic Equation in Dimension Two..- Anisotropic Doubly Nonlinear Degenerate Parabolic Equations.- A Multiresolution Method for the Simulation of Sedimentation-Consolidation Processes.- Diffusive Relaxation Limit for Hyperbolic Systems.- Parallel Algorithms for Nonlinear Diffusion by Using Relaxation Approximation.- On a Degenerated Parabolic-Hyperbolic Problem Arising From Stratigraphy.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Schwarz Domain Decomposition Preconditioners for Interior Penalty Approximations of Elliptic Problems.- Higher Order Semi-Implicit Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Schemes for Nonlinear Convection-Diffusion Problems.- On Some Aspects of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method.- Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with Minimal Stabilization.- Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Method for a Fourth-Order Nonlinear Elliptic Equation Related to the Two-Dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Fourier Method with Nitsche-Mortaring for the Poisson Equation in 3D.- Substructuring Preconditioners for the Bidomain Extracellular Potential Problem.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Face Penalty Method for the Three Fields Stokes Equation Arising from Oldroyd-B Viscoelastic Flows.- Anisotropic H 1-Stable Projections on Quadrilateral Meshes.- Continuous Interior Penalty hp-Finite Element Methods for Transport Operators.- A Nonconforming Finite Element Method with Face Penalty for AdvectionDiffusion Equations.- Efficient Multigrid and Data Structures for Edge-Oriented FEM Stabilization.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Adaptive Methods for Dynamical Micromagnetics.- Stability for Walls in Ferromagnetic Nanowire.- Continuous Galerkin Methods for Solving Maxwell Equations in 3D Geometries.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- On the Use of the Gautschi-Type Exponential Integrator for Wave Equations.- Positivity of Exponential Multistep Methods.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Stability Results and Algorithmic Strategies for the Finite Element Approach to the Immersed Boundary Method.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Comparison of Enthalpy and Temperature Methods for Melting Problems on Composite Domains.- Qualitative Properties of a Numerical Scheme for the Heat Equation.- Modeling Radiation and Moisture Content in Fire Spread.- Fast Multipole Method for Solving the Radiosity Equation.- Numerical Modelling of Kinetic Equations.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- On a Subclass of Hölder Continuous Functions with Applications to Signal Processing.- Modelisation and Simulation of Static Grain Deep-Bed Drying.- Hybrid Godunov-Glimm Method for a Nonconservative Hyperbolic System with Kinetic Relations.- Cell-Average Multiwavelets Based on Hermite Interpolation.- On a General Definition of the Godunov Method for Nonconservative Hyperbolic Systems. Application to Linear Balance Laws.- Sequential Flux-Corrected Remapping for ALE Methods.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Orthogonal hp-FEM for Elliptic Problems Based on a Non-Affine Concept.- On Some Aspects of the hp-FEM for Time-Harmonic Maxwells Equations.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Numerical Simulation of Phase-Transition Front Propagation in Thermoelastic Solids.- The Level Set Method for Solid-Solid Phase Transformations.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Non-Monotone Fast Marching Scheme for a Hamilton-Jacobi Equation Modelling Dislocation Dynamics.- A TimeAdaptive SemiLagrangian Approximation to Mean Curvature Motion.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Heterogeneous Multiscale Methods with Quadrilateral Finite Elements.- Stabilizing the ?1/?0 Element for the Stokes Problem via Multiscale Enrichment.- Adaptive Multiresolution Methods for the Simulation of Shocks/Shear Layer Interaction in Confined Flows.- Local Projection Stabilization for the Stokes System on Anisotropic Quadrilateral Meshes.- An Interior Penalty Variational Multiscale Method for High Reynolds Number Flows.- Variational Multiscale Large Eddy Simulation of Turbulent Flows Using a Two-Grid Finite Element or Finite Volume Method.- Issues for a Mathematical Definition of LES.- Stabilized FEM with Anisotropic Mesh Refinement for the Oseen Problem.- Semi-Implicit Multiresolution for Multiphase Flows.- Numerical Simulation of Vortex-Dipole Wall Interactions Using an Adaptive Wavelet Discretization with Volume Penalisation.- Inviscid Flow on Moving Grids with Multiscale Space and Time Adaptivity.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Relaxation Method for a Two Phase Flow with Surface Tension.- Extension of Interface Coupling to General Lagrangian Systems.- A Numerical Scheme for the Modeling of Condensation and Flash Vaporization in Compressible Multi-Phase Flows.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- An Adaptive Operator Splitting of Higher Order for the Navier-Stokes Equations.- The POD Technique for Computing Bifurcation Diagrams: A Comparison among Different Models in Fluids.- Filtering of Singularities in a Marangoni Convection Problem.- On Application of Stabilized Higher Order Finite Element Method on Unsteady Incompressible Flow Problems.- Numerical Simulation of Coupled Fluid-Solid Systems by Fictitious Boundary and Grid Deformation Methods.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- An Iterative Method for Solving Non-Linear Hydromagnetic Equations.- Mathematical and Numerical Analysis of a Class of Non-linear Elliptic Equations in the Two Dimensional Case.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A s-step Variant of the Double Orthogonal Series Algorithm.- Linear Equations in Quaternions.- Computing the Analytic Singular Value Decomposition via a Pathfollowing.- A Jacobi-Davidson Method for Computing Partial Generalized Real Schur Forms.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Pricing Multi-Asset Options with Sparse Grids and Fourth Order Finite Differences.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Third Order Linearly Implicit Fractional Step Method for Semilinear Parabolic Problems.- Numerical Solution of Optimal Control Problems with Sparse SQP-Methods.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Semi-Deterministic Recursive Optimization Methods for Multichannel Optical Filters.- A Multigrid Method for Coupled Optimal Topology and Shape Design in Nonlinear Magnetostatics.- Nonsmooth Optimization of Eigenvalues in Topology Optimization.- Derivative Free Optimization of Stirrer Configurations.- Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Optimization in the Process of River Pollution Control.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Family of C° Finite Elements for Kirchhoff Plates with Free Boundary Conditions.- A Postprocessing Method for the MITC Plate Elements.- A Uniformly Stable Finite Difference Space Semi-Discretization for the Internal Stabilization of the Plate Equation in a Square.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- An ?-Uniform Hybrid Scheme for Singularly Perturbed 1-D Reaction-Diffusion Problems.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A Dynamic Frictional Contact Problem of a Viscoelastic Beam.- Numerical Analysis of a Frictional Contact Problem for Viscoelastic Materials with Long-Term Memory.- A Suitable Numerical Algorithm for the Simulation of the Butt Curl Deformation of an Aluminium Slab.- An Efficient Solution Algorithm for Elastoplasticity and its First Implementation Towards Uniform h- and p- Mesh Refinements.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- A LDG-BEM Coupling for a Class of Nonlinear Exterior Transmission Problems.- High Order Boundary Integral Methods for Maxwells Equations: Coupling of Microlocal Discretization and Fast Multipole Methods.- Indirect Methods with Brakhage-Werner Potentials for Helmholtz Transmission Problems.- A FEMBEM Formulation for a TimeDependent Eddy Current Problem.- Mixed Boundary ElementFinite Volume Methods for Thermohydrodynamic Lubrication Problems.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Numerical Modelling for Leaching of Pesticides in Soils Modified by a Cationic Surfactant.- Formulation of Mixed-Hybrid FE Model of Flow in Fractured Porous Medium.- NewtonType Methods for the Mixed Finite Element Discretization of Some Degenerate Parabolic Equations.- CONTRIBUTED LECTURES.- Domain Decomposition Methods for Wave Propagation in Heterogeneous Media.- Galbruns Equation Solved by a First Order Characteristics Method.- Open Subsystems of Conservative Systems.

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